Dubble and Trabble Cross - Fomb

umm... What the heck? I may be an idiot for not knowing this trick, but what are you supposed to do in these 2 new Fomb levels?


  • I think they both open on some devices, not for me though, i cant complete these lvls
  • I would hope this trick is not device dependent, but I guess I don't really know.  I'll give you a hint.  The trick here is similar to a trick that can instantly make a non-functioning teleporter, functional.
  • Oh that did work, some of your lvls just got very easy
  • Wait....I completed the level using the "Exit out and Resume Twice" bug, but if this is how you gotta beat it, how did you verify it?
  • Yeah, I just figured this one out recently.  It does ruin (potentially) a couple of my other levels...the ones where you have to melt the wrong doors before you trigger the right one.  But dubble and trapple cross are the only ones I've designed like this.  All the others I would suggest doing them honestly...they're more fun (and hard) that way.  ;)
    It's the same with the teleporter too.  That trick can make any level using crystals obsolete.   
  • This was driving me crazy! Thanks for helping me see that I'm not insane (maybe).
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