Ether charge q

I just did a run with Sirmin and got him to lvl 28. My first time to use the Ether charge ability.
Does Ether charge work on the Unholy?
Does the 10% hp deduction stack up on the same monster/boss if u hit it multiple times?
It says it deducts max hp lvl? So some of the monsters heal themselves? Didn’t notice b4 if so.


  • 1. Ether charge works on any monster or boss. 

    2. max hp reduction does not stack.

    3. The only monster that heals itself is Monoculous in Keep but I highly doubt countering healing is the real purpose of Ether charge.
  • Wow how do you manage togo to lvl 28? I cant go further than 23 xD
  • I’ve got 3x100exp rings now so I can get to 28 b4 the Unholy that spawns thousands of imps.
  • Oh cool, i just have 1 100exp ring atm
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