New Glitch?

I just uploaded a new level; I think it might be a new glitch, as I never seen it in a level yet. Then again I took a huge break. Tell me if it is NOT new so I can delete the level. Thanks :3


  • Don't delete the level, it's all good!

    I noticed you used it in another level too. Luckily I can circumvent this glitch!
  • I got around it by constantly pausing and unpausing as I was falling, and glitched through the thing that takes your rocket away. 
    Ive never played this game until today so I have no idea whats going on haha. I like it though
  • @Fnanfne yea i used it it Kataclysmic. @Xglsuperbounce all u have to do is lean against a wall :P
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