Oversight with a boneyard perk...

One of the new perks in boneyard (its name escapes me at the moment, but it’s the one that causes an explosion once you level up), while interesting, when I tried it out I realized that for those wishing to completely optimize their experience gain it’s basically unuseable.

The reason being that the explosion happens right after you level up, but during the time between leveling up and when you actually get to pick your next skill, you can’t gain any experience, which I assume was purposely coded in so that someone couldn’t level up twice in an extremely short period of time and end up wasting a skill opportunity or bugging the game out or something.

However, the issue is that, while the explosion will get the mobs off of you, the experience from them dying is effectively wasted, ultimately lowering the max level you can obtain for that run.

The easiest solutions I can come up with are to either remove the zero experience gain between leveling up and picking the skill, or to have the explosion happen after the skill is chosen and not after leveling up.

Or I suppose the new skill could be able to be chosen IMMEDIATELY when you level up, but idk how the game is coded and what kinds of issues these “solutions” might cause.



  • I think it would also be good that if say you kill a boss and you close to levelling up that it doesn't just level you up but that the "balance" of xp from that kill counts towards the next level
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