How rare are epic rings?

I've been playing boneyard a couple of hours a day since the new release, and despite on several occasions getting to level 29 and killing between 30-90k a game I'm not getting any epic rings.
I don't remember them being this elusive in the past (though I've never had a mythical +2 skill ring in hundreds of hours of playing!)

Another quick question/possible bug if I have the bribe destiny perk I cannot buy the creativity skill within the game, are they incompatible or is this a bug?


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    i have same feeling
  • i got a four epic rings that's only drop boss monster 
    good luck
  • I’ve got a couple in the last wk but they’ve not been too useful in my opinion. One was just 200% mana recovery - not too epic I think.
  • The current epic rings that I know are possible are the +2 all skills ring (I have lost 3 of them due to crashes), +1 all skills, grant meditation and 100% mana regen ring, +2 lightning and +2 battle mage.

    The drop rates from ring bags are about 1% for epic while rare rings are closer to 10%, I may want to tabulate the drop rates soon to catalog the possible ring types and their frequency. 
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    Funky thing about the rings I think I mentioned it before but I've gotten rings in the past with the same stats but one would be epic and the other rare like the 600% orb pull. I had 2 ring but one was rare and the other epic same with 2 100% exp boost rings I had found.

    Rings drop like the red skill books and the blue skill drop like epic rings do.
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