Evil Unholy

except for using frost jet, how else can you kill the unholy and imps? I just wasted 45 minutes of my life doing a fabulous run with lightning and magic missile… until the third unholy‘ storm imps ate me. :( the problem was that I got surrounded (even after using teleport) by the imps and the fire. What am I supposed to do?


  • Maybe vorpus could be useful...?
  • Same deal here, i always die for the second/third unholy, he just respawn imp in all angles. I already tried rush 40%, does not work, Just frost jet does not work too, and teleport cooldown is not enough, magic circle also not enough... I don't know what to do.
  • Here is one way to beat unholy without taking damage. Get wazoo with high chill wind and decent mana regen and battle mage. When unholy shows up, use blizzard beam to push it away so that it does not see you. Do this until he is dead. If you hear the mumbling of unholy, however, that means he found you and you are basically dead.
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