Questions about your thoughts about farming

So there has been quite a talk about #unholyimpfarm #wherearemyimpsjohn #raptisoftmoneymonger4fixingabug stuff. Now I am sort of curious about how you feel about farming in rpg games and what is your approach on it for SKHD.

1. Do you think people farming for all skill +2 rings and 100% exp rings is a good thing?
2. Do you plan to make less garbage epic rings or keep it like it is in old keep and boneyard.
3. Do you think there should be a way to farm gold or exp in SKHD (other than ads)
4. Will the summonned unit like maggots from bone daddy or minons of Charles the hammer be dropping gold or 1exp in SKHD?
5. How do you think about the boss farming technique in Keep?
6. If you are against farming, how would you make people to be less likely to farm other than preventing farm mechanics? If you are for farming (which i hardly doubt), how would you promote farming in general.


  • 1 and 2. When the item is good, its very satisfying to get. However the garbage items (rare and epic) are highly off putting especially if there are very few ways to gain value from them (apart from gold or reforging). I think all items should be useful, but rarity will determine its value. I'm more for a balanced and structured item system where rarities adjust the strength of the stats. Add in a Unique tier to spice things up (similar to Path of Exile). I think we should be keeping all the S tier items from the previous games (but make them legendary status, they were definitely legendarily hard to get with 100+ death farming on SK). How we obtain the items, drop rates and the option to farm items is difficult for me to provide advice. I like building the perfect mage while others prefer the gameplay to be dynamic and fun without needing to farm. 

    3. When it comes to farming, I think designated farming modes would be an interesting idea. Better farm locations are unlocked based on how far you reach in the game (improving drop rates, rate that items are dropped, etc). When it comes to gold, we mostly relied on the % gold items which I think is somewhat restricting. A gold farming mode might be OK, but I was thinking something more spicy. Have a +dmg/gold stat, %gold also increasing item drop rates, stat that allows you to use gold as health or mana, etc. That would make some interested builds. 

    4. I never knew summoned units gave exp and 1 sounds quite insignificant to the million exp you need after lvl 50 or so. As for them dropping gold, I only played SK and found the drop rate reasonable (probably 5% for some gold to drop?) But if you have 1000s of imps then you'll have a problem. But it's all for the sake of farming right?! Refer to point 1./2. on my thoughts on a farming mode. 

    5. I would LOVE  boss marathon mode for grinding items but also just to fight bosses. If you add more content like bosses in DLC, I would buy it. 

    6. In my opinion, the farming in most of the games were optional. Of course it would make the gameplay more difficult but I think that's the point of not farming. I say we have the following modes (classic, classic hardcore, survival farming, TRUE gauntlet for the hardcore). I'm not sure how the farming is going to fit in all of this but it'll definitely have to fit in one of the main game modes. TRUE gauntlet would have to be rebalanced to account for no item transferring, I have no idea how that'll work but at least players and devs will have to space to experiment with farmless gameplay. 
  • If you equip 1-2 of the 100% gold rings, or some of the epic version of those rings, then equip the more gold in piles perk, you can make a lot of gold. Really satisfying actually.
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