Welded spells

Pls enable the ultimate spells hurricane/Ether/harden/immolate to activate with the welded version as well e.g frost missile should be able to use both harden and Ether charge. The welded spells r the most fun, it’s wasted if u need to switch to a basic spell to activate the lvl 25 spells. Or u could have a welded version of them on a separate tree in the bribe Destiny screen e.g levelling frost missile enables u to level Hardened Ether or something like that.


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    These ultimate spells are dedicated for those pure element users who do not use welding magics. If you are using welding magic, you shouldn't be putting points on those unless it is ether charge. (ether charge does not apply to welding magics but you can just uses ether charge at the beginning and change to welding magic till the battle is over)
  • The welded spells r meant to be a more powerful combined version of both spells, downside being they cost x times as much mana. Doesn’t make sense if they don’t have the ultimates included or at least a welded
    Version of the ultimate
  • The welded spell are technically more of a hybrid spell not a superior spell. If you read what Morius(the green guy) says, he never says welded spells are more powerful. Instead, he says welded magic has different characteristic of each spell. You can ask Mr. Raptis about this but he will pretty much repeat what I am said and possibly with some fun backstory of this.
  • Appreciate what u r saying and that it’s not part of the game at the moment. It’d be nice if it was added.
  • It would be very unlikely for that to happen. If it did, that would make welding spell too powerful. You don’t have to agree with me but that’s what Mr Raptis also thinks about and it would be way easier to convince him that bribe destiny is not a cheat than convince him to make ultimate apply on welding spell.
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