Best Wizard

Hi fellow Wizards,

I've been messing around on Vorpus and Wegnus, with my high score on Morth, but I saw some chatter about Wazoo. Who's the strongest right now and why?

Which skills do you prioritize?

Look forward to hearing your ideas!


  • Vorpus (imo) would be the stronger of them all because firelash is really strong but consumes a lot of mp.
  • Theoretically, wazoo can kill a boss even with 1 damage per second if he has enough chill wind and does not get seen by the boss. 
    Aside from vorpus and wazoo(who both have magic shield) Morth, Athicus would be good also. 

    Main priority is simple: Battle Mage>Channel Mana>damage related stuff>Most other stuff
  • I'm still amazed that players can get over 50k kills I struggle reaching 4k lol
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