[Soloman Keep] My Own Comprehensive Android SK Guide


I've been looking around the recent forum posts and most were discussions for Boneyard. I personally love SK more and thought I share some of my tips for playing SK efficiently for all those Min/Max'ers out there. If I had this guide 2 weeks ago I'd save a few hours. Yay! Also to note that since I'm using the Android version, bribe destiny is a free feature to enable or disable. For the purposes of creating the perfect mage, it is highly recommended you use bribe destiny. So no this is not a guide that relies on pure RNG for perfection. I also need to acknowledge this guide for inspiring and helping me with Soloman's Keep: http://solomonskeep.webs.com/. May this OG guide be forever immortalized (or until Raptisoft fades away into history).  

Table of Contents 

1. First Run 
2. List of Key Items
3. Gold Farming
4. Item Farming
5. Perfect Mage Build
6. Gauntlet Mode

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