LOGCATS how to send the logcats

Here's the instructions, posted by a kindly soul from Reddit:

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You send logcats to show a developer exactly what happened when an 
app does something that it isn't supposed to do. Developers depend 
heavily on this especially when the reason behind an error isn't clear.

Instructions: (I recommend reading the whole thing through once before following along)

  1. Enable "USB debugging" on your android device under developer 
    options. If you don't have developer options enabled, go to Settings 
    > About > (Software Information) > press "Build number" 7 

  2. Connect your Android device to your PC.

  3. Install Android Studio on your PC, there are instructions on how 
    to install the drivers to your device based on Windows version. https://developer.android.com/studio/run/oem-usb.html (1.9 gbs)

  4. Download and Extract an Android Debug Bridge on your PC (adb executable)
    https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html (7 mbs)

  5. Go to the folder where you previously extracted the adb 
    executable, it should be called platform-tools. Shift+Right Click an 
    empty space and click "Open command window here."

  6. In the command prompt, type "adb devices" to check if your device is properly attached.

  7. Type "adb logcat > logcat.txt". The command prompt might say 
    "- waiting for device -" or it might not say anything, it doesn't matter
    as long as the device is attached.

  8. Now, you will try to replicate/recreate the error (or whatever) 
    on your device. Remember to keep it connected to the PC at all times.

  9. When you finish, you can close the command prompt and there 
    should be a text file called logcat. You can email the file or upload it
    to dropbox.

Tip: When performing the error, try to complete it in as little time as possible to reduce the size of the .txt file.

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