Rastapopoulon's Level 10+11

Level 10:

Level 11:


  • Congratz for have beat Level 10 + 11 :D hihihi ! I am happy to see you had search some things ;) And OMG ! My levels was soooo long ;) I had stop to create levels because some problem was happen in my live..

    But I will create some new levels (I have in my device some lost levels, no completed at all ! I have a "zelda level" completed at +/- 80% and almost 50 "lost projects" hihihi
  • *just a small precision: I never use any glitch on my levels. So walk on the lava thing will not work because I don't use any glitch/bugs when I create a level. And I think to each every single details in my mind. I make sure a golden key canmt open a weong door.. And if it's possible, another golden key is reachable.

    I remember how many time I spent on each levels: It's was around of 12-13h by levels.
  • I do like playing your levels, they're well thought out and aptly structured. Will be looking forward to any new ones you make or finish! Alas, I myself absolutely love the glitches and would implore anyone to perhaps incorporate some in their levels. Your Level 11 is quite big, did you see the map screenshot at the end? Think I clocked it in good time, was blazing through the level :)
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