Multiplayer for any Solomon games

I thought it would be a great idea to have multiplayer for, say, Solomon’s boneyard. Nothing extensive, just LAN connection and possibly being able to revive fallen players after each round? Anyway, would this work?


  • I really doubt this is going to happen for such an old game. It is planned for Keep's remake, though.
  • Great, thanks! Sorry, I’m not up to date about everything, but do you know about when that will be?
  • At this point my speculation is that the new SK will be done at earliest at the end of summer (if you have huge optimism)
    Here are some additional info about Multiplayer:

    There will be a multiplayer only class called bard.
    It is co-op only.
    There will be no map editor
  • If multiplayer comes i am sure it will be fun as magicka wizard wars. Or warlock brawl from dota2. I cant wait :))
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