Boneyard best builds and skill selection?


After a while playing Boneyard I wanted to share my setup also to see other people preferences and setups.

After trying them all, i came to the conclusion that Wazoo is the best choice, mainly because of frost jet + magic shield combination ( i tend to ignore lightning improvements and do not weld).

Lately i found that this setup with Wazoo gets me further than others:

+1 to all skills
+2 to all skills
master of offense
Battle mage
more drops

In this way you already start with battle mage and magic shield at level 4, which is a very good start.

I tend to equip two +100% experience rings the longest I can resist, then switch to more damage rings when situation gets bad.

At level up I always choose mana management skills, giving them priority over any other skill at least until I reach battle mage 6 and channel mana 3 (or better 4). I make sure to reach battle mage 6 (80% less mana cost really makes the difference). Mental focus is also very important to recharge your shield fastly.

Only problem is that I noticed there is no way to survive to the late Unholy without the Harden skill which seems to be very rare to appear. Your magic shield will burst very easily and life drop so fast you dont even have the time to drink a life potion.

Any suggestion or comment?


  • Sonic, give this a try:
    +2 to all skills
    Master of offense
    Third creepy finger
    More drops
    This build lets you uplevel rapidly and max out battle mage and harden by the time you encounter the third Unholy. Switch to three +2 Damage/Resist 45% Damage rings and you are literally unkillable as long as you keep firing (which triggers the Harden defense). To trigger permanent firing, spray to the left then hold and drag your thumb about halfway across the screen before letting go. However, it will take about half an hour to kill the third Unholy and the fourth Unholy can still kill you with bites.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks Dvorak! I dont have these rings yet but i will try your setup!
  • edited December 2017
    best starting:
    wazoo with:
    -master of offence
    -creepy hand
    -+2 all skills
    -bride destiny (fundamental for over 25 level!!!)
    -battle mage

    and for the starting point do this with the rings:
    third unholy(wave 40) in 3 min with other characters in my channel..

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