[Boneyard] always same epic ring


I have been playing for a while now always using the "more drops" perk and so far i was able to collect a total of 5 epic rings. Problem is that 4 times out of 5 I always got the same ring: +5 damage/+1 battle mage... I have 4 now of these... Am i doing something wrong? If it is purely random it seems a little bit odd anyway...thanks


  • Lucky you the only epic rings I ever got in SB were 2 rings with the same stats as a rare ring.
  • Same, @sonic133 
    I've collected that ring 3 times. I have a few others, but that one drops way too often. Doesn't feel much like luck. Wondering if the odds are different for different epic rings.
  • i have found all the epic rings with my farm method..lol
  • I have 3 of that ring
  • Misery loves company ... I keep getting that ring over and over again.

    Tempo, what’s your farming strategy?
  • set the 2 rings' perks,join the game and die repeatedly ;)
  • I did that initially but you never get epic rings that way. :-(
  • in the last version was more useful farming with imp by third unholy, but now the 2 perks are the right method ;)
  • Or you can actually Play the game :) I get over a dozen rings a game with the More Rings and Bonuses perk. 
  • yes it's another way, but when i play the game i wanna play serious, so i spend my time to farm for exemple when i study or at university ahah
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