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  • Just to make sure, you did extract the whole game, right? You didn't just run the executable from inside the archive?
  • Which game? Keep or Boneyard? I definitely managed to do so once in the former.
  • I really doubt this is going to happen for such an old game. It is planned for Keep's remake, though.
  • Ob7: You could troll people though by making levels with Bitcoins that don't actually do anything. Then the message you suggested wouldn't make sense.
  • I don't think you'll be able to convert the levels before John releases the game's Windows version, even if you already have them.
  • Then how about reducing the rate of flickering?
  • Has RWK actually been released on Google Play yet? It still only has 10-50 owners.
  • Regarding the lava change, couldn't you just make lava flicker like the robot while he's invincible? That should make it obvious that there's a connection.
  • #29: Pressing the "Done" button while entering a comment results in a newline. #30: When entering a particularly long comment, there doesn't seem to be any way to see the whole thing before posting it. #31: There's no way to directly get back to t…
  • Don't have time to watch these videos right now, so I can't say whether or not I agree about there being value to the old one way barrier. What I do agree with however is that not doing something because no other game does it is a poor argument. If…
  • #23: I still occasionally get no music when testing levels. #24: The electric velcro powerup is displayed as a green note block in the pause menu. #25: When a red monster touches a wall at the exact same time the platform under it disappears, it g…
  • For the sake of preservation, I'm definitely in favor of uploading all the old levels. If you're concerned that this could lead to plagiarism, then how about having the PC version give every converted level a non-removable flag that'll prevent thei…
  • Perfectly understandable, given how far you've fallen behind schedule thanks to Apple's shenanigans. Plus, even if you hadn't hardcoded the coordinates in your early iOS games, Get Lucky would still have to be reprogrammed from scratch anyway.
  • From what I've heard, that button is unnecessary on Android because everything it does on iOS happens automatically here.
  • I take it that means you don't plan on bringing back Four Letter Words and Get Lucky either for the time being?
  • #20: Looks like you're right. However, that button isn't available when a search returns no results.
  • Considering Nick Raptis shares the same last name as John, the guy behind Raptisoft, he's most likely a relative. But regardless of who of the two is responsible for whatever part of the code doesn't work with Visual Studio 2010, I doubt either of …
  • #20: Just a minor annoyance, but while the results of a search are being displayed, you can't do another one. You first have to go to a different list of levels. #21: This is only a suggestion, but could you make the pause menu display the number o…
  • Whoops, I didn't notice you released an update. Wasn't expecting that today. Will see if it still happens in the new version. Edit: Still happens. Also, if you're going to revert bricks to how they used to be, how about adding a new type of brick …
  • #17: Turns out there's a downside to having the keyboard not push the screen. When trying to make an account, it now renders me unable to see my e-mail address as I'm typing it. Edit: #18: I have an account now, but I can't sign in. The game always…
  • You sure making explosives destroy bricks is a good idea? Even one of your own levels, Love n' Rockets, can now be partially skipped thanks to this. Who know how many other levels it'll affect? Edit: Perhaps you could make a new block that acts lik…
  • The keyboard no longer pushes the screen for me either. I also wiped my broken save for Short & Bossy and replayed the level. The save didn't break this time. I don't remember anything about my first playthrough of this level, so I have no idea…
  • #16: When entering a code in the "Haxxor Stuff" menu, the camera moves a bit too far down on my phone:
  • #14: Guess you overlooked my edit. Yeah, it always happens in this version.
  • #2 seems to be fixed. #12: When opening the pause menu while teleporting, the background continues to shake as long as the pause menu remains open. #13: Gold key cards don't show up in the inventory. #14: The game just froze when I was about to s…
  • Don't know about my phone, but my PCs can reach a bit more than 700 Mbits/s. I get these ads particularly often when I just got a real one a few seconds ago.
  • >Also, what is the “coin option” someone mentioned? Think that's a new gameplay element in this version. Assuming I understand how it works correctly, if you collect every Bitcoin in a level, certain gates will open.
  • #11: When beating a user-made level, my time is added to the highscore for the last regular level I played.
  • Perhaps I should explain what I was doing while that logcat was being created. I launched the game, pressed the "Remove ads" button, waited for several seconds, then cancelled the game's attempt to connect to Google Play.
  • #4: It's 736x414. #9: I'm talking about this level:'s+Orchestra.kitty It's name is "Hell's Orchestra". The game didn't stop me from using the word "hell" in its title. I haven't uploaded it in-gam…