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  • Why would you want it faster? You do realize that making things progress faster raises the chance for errors, glitches, and headaches. Bringing more attention to any game is great, but don't pressure him to finish it quicker. Thats just as bad as a …
  • I had a similar thought on the background music as well but in this version the music adjusts to the difficulty and number of foes spawning/approaching. For example it could adventurous music for the light around of mobs on the screen which would ch…
  • Well right now creativity will not unlock while having bribery enabled. So the best thing to do would be to save up enough gold to not have to worry about the cost for using bribery per level up. Or just not use bribery and then you can activate cre…
  • That's weird I have not gotten that bug before. I tried it tho and I cannot seem to get this bug to trigger for me. What kind of phone/tablet do you have and which version of android.
  • Chuzzle 2 is still being made, I'm pretty sure he said that. There's no link right now the only information available is pretty much all in this thread.
  • where it's always been for the last few years https://imgur.com/a/g9M3P it remains disabled in the tree while bribery is on.
  • @Raptisoft That is true but only if you can afford the bribery cost if you run out of gold your stuck with 3 choices only. A few updates ago one used to be able to buy creative via the bribery tree and if you ran out of gold you at least had creativ…
  • @war errrrrrr @Peppermaster :P I honestly had an easier time farming items back on the ios before the the droid revolution (lol), I have probably just had a lot of bad runs (all of them apparently)
  • @Peppermaster i should have been clearer, i was talking about before like during the beta testing for SB when it first hit android, sorry. The imps never dropped anything at all (other than some gold)
  • @Peppermaster i've gotten to the 3rd unholy before and never got any drops from the imps (a little gold but then again i dun use much gold finding once i have what i need for gold)
  • May the gears of fate favor you. Edit: btw how do you farm using imps I never understood that.
  • Oh so a different publisher can publish part 2 even though they didn't publish part 1?
  • But everyone is okay now and that's something to take comfort in. Don't forget to take a moment to relax yourself and rid yourself of some of your stress. :D
  • if you bought the feat then the option is in options
  • just out of  curiosity how come you don't use the restore app purchases feature with a button in game, that will save you from having to churn out codes everytime someone has to reinstall the app on their phone or on a new phone. alot of android gam…
  • Lol deja vu
  • it's not pushing up on mine at all, the keyboard (and 3 function buttons on the side now appear before was just the keyboard), and they are responding a lot faster than before, when the keyboard would slide up it took a second or so before it would …
  • the keyboard continues to work well in this update aswell :D
  • Patience young padawan
  • Perfect no more push from the keyboard It just slides up as intended. Awesome bug smashing rapti
  • Yeah I have v1.0.2 dated 1-17-2018 I think the only difference between the stylo 2 and stylo 2 plus are their screen sizes I think Edit: looked it up https://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/LG-Stylus-2,LG Stylo 2 Plus/phones/9957,10179 Same siz…
  • sorry to say the keyboards still pushing up the game on my phone (LG Stylo 2 Plus Android 7.0)
  • Funky it almost looks like the keyboard is pushing the game up instead of overlaying on it. I dunno coding but just out of curiosity does this help out any? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5516216/how-to-avoid-soft-keyboard-pushing-up-my-layou…
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  • you should know by now....loose lips sink ships.......and your the captain of the ship!! lol :)) it is good to know all is well with yourself.
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  • Evil phone retail = retain lol
  • Those all sound really interesting. I like that rivals idea most out of the 3. Here an idea I had. A prestige system. (Kinda like in call of duty.) Since the mobs are perpetually getting stronger each time you complete a run through SK"s story mode…
  • LOL A man was driving down the highway when he spotted a sign stating "In the following years mens death rate will increase due to stubbornness." and in the lower corner someone had painted in "No we won't!!!". I dunno why but that joke hit me th…
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  • Give rapti some time holidays and all, he's probably getting himself back up to speed.
  • Gold farmings pretty easy I don't think you'd have such hard time farming.
  • 280k kills?!?! That's insane man.