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  • Indeed! I've actually recorded most of your levels before and it's on my NAS, I will defo record them all in due time, just a question of getting time to actually make them.
  • Just played this level again and I actually think I have not finished it before, probably because I was stuck at the red herring! Good level indeed.
  • Yes rastapopoulon you kidding? Lo! You're a RwK Legend and unlike your Hoggy levels (some are tricky), I've finished all your RwK ones multiple times. Think I played your level 6 (?) way before I even bought the Kitty Connect add-on!
  • Really? I'm playing on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.3 and doing the recordings on my prized iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3. All works okay, apart from a few minor annoyances on the 7. I see the game is still on the App Store, hope it stays there for if…
  • kyleseglin way before I played and fell in love with RwK, I enjoyed a game called Archibald's Adventures. Alas no level maker so once you finish the game that's about it but definitely worth a play.
  • Ditto OzBoy and kyleseglin! Bummer, I was hoping to make use of the new screen recording feature in iOS 11, would've made my video making so much easier, alas
  • I'd like to know if RwK is totally broke/inaccessible on iOS 11, has anyone updated yet, perhaps by accident?
  • RwK on Windows? Oh yes most definitely!
  • Fomb, I've used iFunbox and it works a treat for browsing the iPhone system. I'm sure your RwK levels will be found somewhere on your device
  • I can recall playing a level by that name, not sure if I beat it but will definitely give it another go!
  • Wow good time!
  • "two" and "d", it's DMD. I haven't finished this level myself :/
  • What is the level called, "Two Crashing Apps"? And who is the creator? Searching for "two" and "dahlo" produces no results, and searching for "2" gives one result; 2 ways 2 die. I can't search double/triple barrel names as, ironically, RwK crashes …
  • Really?! I thought Apple discontinued any app that "records the screen" over security concerns a short while ago. Is this now native within iOS 11?
  • It's great that you're making these videos rastapopoulon, there are a few jars I'm stuck with as well and hoping you've made a video on them. How are you making these, on an Android?
  • Hmmm, so Dropbox has stopped this kind of photo sharing and looks like Google Drive followed suit, bummer. Indeed, if you right-click on that broken image link and choose "open image in new tab" (Chrome) or "view image" (Firefox), you will be able t…
  • I am using an iPhone 7 btw. This is not a problem on my 4s, 5s or even the 6.
  • Hi thanks for the reply. The joystick option is not optimum. I attached a screenshot below to better depict what I mean. The area inside the green rectangle is the active zone for the joystick. The area on the left side of the rectangle (indicated…
  • Me for RwK!!
  • Okay I'm really getting into it, I've done like 80 jars now and the £5 is not only to remove adds, it unlocked a bonus cave with loads of extra jars. The game is very in-depth with so many things at play, it's almost like a Rube Goldberg machine in …
  • I would've loved to play Super Mario Run but unfortunately it requires a constant/active internet connection, like sooooo many other games.. massive duurp. tbh, I think £5 is a little steep. I don't mind paying £5 for a game I truly love (I'll pay …
  • Fomb, lol, I can only beat one of your levels! Oh deary me... So iow, great work! I need to get a little more seasoned in this game; I don't understand half of the tools/objects and the controls are a little tricky too.
  • I guess I have no choice but to start playing Hoggy 2 :))
  • This is the wrong section and thread for Hoggy 2 but I just accidentally bought the add-on to remove ads and I am truly shocked it cost 5 quid!! How come this is so expensive? This is officially the most expensive game/app I've bought to date and I'…
  • lol, Hoggy "2" you said! That explains why I couldn't find any level makers in Hoggy 1 oh dear. Riiight, indeed Hoggy 2 uses the normal pad, that's great thanks for sharing, I would've not known about this at all!
  • I couldn't get into Hoggy, I don't like the accelerometer style playing. I didn't know you can create levels, same sort of add-on dealy? Since you're making levels, maybe I should check it out again! For the videos I make, I use a 4S still with iOS…
  • It seems like Dropbox does not allow this type of linkage any more, all the images I've shared this way are now not displaying as a result. If you want to see the photo, right click on that broken image link and choose "open in new tab".
  • "Changing it would cut functionality and really add nothing since it's pretty easy to make these barriers impassable if wanted (lava block on top, or lava block on bottom passable one-way with the rocket)." Lit.
    in Rwk on a 4s Comment by fnanfne July 15
  • I concur with the crystal dohicky. Another annoying one is where doors fail to open when you move off screen too fast/die just as you open a door by either shooting a switch or activating the computer.
    in Rwk on a 4s Comment by fnanfne July 14
  • Oh geez I hope you give us ample notice beforehand so we can play those lovely levels one last time :) Regarding the penetrable wall, if that's the case, then another solution would be to merely rename the object. We can call it a "semi-permeable b…
    in Rwk on a 4s Comment by fnanfne July 13