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  • I've always maintained my amazement at how all of you are able to create these awesome/intricate levels on your mobile phones. I just can't do it but will definitely make a concerted effort to try it using a PC!
    in RIP RWK? Comment by fnanfne May 25
  • I enjoyed playing the level, neat tricks/bugs you're utilising!
    in poop boob Comment by fnanfne May 12
  • Apologies ToxicGhost57, my comment was directed at Raptisoft. I feel your pain, getting banned sucks.
  • Wow that is like music to my ears! Happy days. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
  • Just wondering how similar Hap Hazard 2 will be to Hap Hazard? I'm wondering as Hap Hazard is totally different than RwK and so I therefore cannot fathom how it can be a sequel to RwK.
  • "Sometimes hacking is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect." :)
  • DMD discovered a new bug which Fomb exploits in Pumping Iron, see HERE...
  • Yes correct. Good hint, got it thanks! What a neat little trick. What about your level, any useful hints you can dispense?
  • I think I know where you're having problems. You just found the exploding-blocks add-on to the right but you're not sure how to shoot and activate the exploding blocks to the left? If yes, then my hint would be that one can indeed activate the explo…
    in Panko help Comment by fnanfne January 27
  • I recorded this level some time ago but have not mustered the will to compile it into a video yet. Challenge accepted!
    in Panko help Comment by fnanfne January 27
  • I too got a new phone (iPhone 7) but I still use my old one (iPhone 4S) to play RwK due to the screen size issue. I have played RwK on my iPhone 7 before, although I don't like to, and it did used to work but when I tried just now, I experience cras…
  • It has been a while since I recorded this level so I can't quite recall if I tried to close/open the game to see if that'll fix the issue but I can't imagine not having tried that clutching at straws and all. I did not get to that point in one go, p…
  • Should I bother with "Aperture" or instead play "Aperture Fix"?
  • Cheers for the screenshot, I'll try a beat your time when I get a change to!
  • Not adding value to this discussion at all but I just played Strange World yesterday, strange.
  • "How To Troll" LOL
  • Have you tried the usual things like quitting the app completely, restarting the phone, putting in/out of airplane mode? You could try creating an account here... http://www.kittyconnect.com/
  • Looking forward to your level!
  • Nope, not yet at least.
  • All new levels will have a super high rating, the same with IMDB ratings; fresh shows/films will have a high rating, over time, this goes down until it plateaus. Alas, I haven't been able to play RwK as of late since upgrading to a new iPhone. I jus…
  • EtDa5, I think DaveCarusoMusic is on about another glitch. I know the one you're describing and it does indeed happen when you move off screen or even just too far away from the door after activating but the other instance can be realised even if th…
  • It's a pleasure making these Fomb, your thanks makes it even more worthwhile. @Eta... Wow I'm really chuffed one of these videos actually helped someone out!!
  • +1000 for the RwK sequel!!! On a separate note, I was wondering if the theme/gameplay melodies for RwK are available to download anywhere?
  • I'm my own toughest critic. Sometimes I'll watch these videos and think "why'd you do that you idiot!" Or "Land there, not here, c'mon!" Like in this video, I tried in vain to land on the right side of the lava block. I could've finished this level …
  • Again, I'm truly astound at everyone's ability to create these awesome levels. The few utterly crappy ones I created tested my patience to the max. Like when you want to 'test' the level and accidentally tap the robot, in the habit of wanting to ope…
  • I think it's too difficult guessing these levels, my bad! This is "Shutterbug X"
  • Cheers for the encouraging feedback! I do enjoy making these especially the maps, there's something I find almost therapeutic about it :)
  • Ah well that settles it then! I would have taken a wild guess and thought HH2 would be a sequel to HH but like you say, they may change the game to feel more like RwK.
  • I've played A Qigong a dozen or so times now and it consistently crashes at the exact same area whenever I try to open the map. I have now, for video-recording purposes, completed the level without looking at the map.
    in Qigong Comment by fnanfne June 2016
  • Oh no. Looks like A Qigong is also broken! I can now get past the bit where the game crashed before but whenever I try to open the menu/map from that bit henceforth, the game crashes. So it will be beatable if you don't open the map/menu but this …
    in Qigong Comment by fnanfne May 2016