About incoming version!

Ok I remember all those playing keep and boneyard in my iPod touch 2 and more reciently on the 5th. Also Hoggy. True masterpieces. I really expected I could try the PC version but then I discovered what was going on. So I am really happy and excited about the new game! The look has improved considerably (as new hardware allows it, great decission and work) but the game still keeps its essence, which seems awesome. I can also imagine that in-game posibilities will hugely increase. 
The fact there is a non-wizard character opens a door to new stuff too. 

I am sure this will be a great game! 


  • Well thank you very much!

    Keep is a game I have been making notes on ever since 2001-- it was the first game I was going to do after I finished my very first game, Eggsucker.  One day I'll post some history and some screenshots from those way-back 640x480 days. :)

    I never got a chance to do anything but make notes on it until 2010, and in 2010 I couldn't build on much of my notes because the memory and speed of the iPhone1 were really awful.  But I said to myself, no, this has to happen, I've been waiting on this game too long.

    Now I look forward to using modern memory and speed to make it the game I've been mapping out for more than a decade.

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