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  • phrostyphace
    hi. my name is elliot weiss, and i have been a member of these forums for a while now. i come here constantly, and since i gave up my iphone for android, i have never found a game as good as solomon's keep which i used to play obsessively on my iphone all day. im not trying to kiss up here, that's just the actual plain truth.

    i know life has thrown you some curveballs and i still hope that everything works out great for you and that the android release happens, i think you will make a lot of money from it when it does.

    in any case, i am going to beg you to do me a favor. i knew about the solomon dark beta temporary availability. it was fully my intent to make sure to nab it. i had a friend of mines wedding (a very close friend) last night to attend. the wedding was amazing, started at 4pm and went all night long. since i finish work at 530 pm, i actually had to leave work early and go home and run straight to the wedding. can you guess what i forgot all about?

    this morning i remembered just a few minutes ago and frantically rushed over here, only to see that it was up until 8am........... which of course i missed as well.

    im not exaggerating when i say that i am near tears. well ok i am exaggerating, but i am really really sad.

    can i ask you to do me a special favor and let me get a copy of it?

    thank you so much.
    November 2016