A Solomon Wiki?

As things are looking up right now, and we already have two and a half games of history, who's up for putting together a Solomon Dark wiki? A quick google search shows we should probably use wikia or wikispaces.


  • But Solomon Dark is cancelled? I assume it would be more fitting to make a wiki for the entire Solomon series.
  • I think he meant Solomon Dark as the series
  • Yeah, a wiki called Solomon Dark for the whole Solomon series.
  • What's involved in making a Wiki?  Like, do you need me to host it?  I've never looked into this.
  • That be sweet, and I'm up for it. 
  • It looks like it might cost $/month, but maybe not. I'm gonna mess with wikispaces and wikia (Maybe gamepedia) and get back to you.

    And no Raptisoft, I don't believe you would have to host it (Like with Minecraft, Mojang doesn't have anything to do with the Minecraft Wiki, but they do refer to it as the official one).
  • Okay-- if it costs money, though, know that I have a lot of server space that's just doing nothing right now.  I don't mind hosting it one bit.
  • k I decided to use wikia cause it's free. Can always change it in the future. Check this out: http://solomon-dark.wikia.com/wiki/Solomon_Dark_Wiki

    Also tell me if you can see stuff, edit pages, whether you need an account for that, etc.
  • Good idea, I am checking it right now
  • Great, I'll contribute when I get some time. The general design needs a change though. What about a black theme?
  • edited February 2015
    We don't have a lot of official artworks for the Solomon series huh?
  • I'll get some together for you.  Give me a few days (and remind me if I don't)... I have had an intense week of working on my other obligations but when I swap back to Solomon I'll zip it up and link it for you.
  • @Egozalor - It said the themes were customizable, but I haven't figured out how yet. I'll get something good, worry not.

    Also to confirm you guys can edit pages and create new ones? Can you change permissions?
  • Also, should the information Raptisoft has revealed outside of the games be considered canon? In my opinion it should.
  • I try not to publicly say anything non-canon.  If I see anything out of place in the wiki, I'll let you know. :)
  • I added the elements and disciplines. Pretty blank still, but the pages are there at least.
  • just joined the forum, adding some basic stuff to the wiki now, nothing detailed (yet) but fleshing it out a bit. playing SB at the same time to get skill descriptions n such as i level up lol
  • I was perusing the wiki, and saw that there was an earth spell called Boulder. I'm still pretty much a noob at SK and SB but I have never encountered this spell. Where would I get it and which game?
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