Should I delete my beta Dark?

I still have a backed up copy of each version of the beta dark, should I legally delete them? (even if I don't need to legally, I will if you want me to Mr Raptis)


  • Nope, no need at all-- play it all you like!  When I'm closer to launching the next game, I plan to put out Dark as a freeware unfinished game anyway.

    However, don't distribute it.  I hope to use it as promo for the next game at the right time.
  • Thanks! That sounds like a great plan!
  • To bad this game got cancelled, hope to see the promo soon
  • Could I get another copy of SD? (Mine was  lost when my hard drive failed) If not, could I at least get the names of the Earth skills and information on the different Schools of Magic? (For purposes of organizing the wiki)
  • Dang, Dark sounds like it has lots of new aspects :-<
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