Kitty Connect unavailable?

Hi everyone, first let me say thank you to all the great level builders out there -- RWK is my absolute favorite game and all the user created levels make it constantly fresh.

Has anyone else been having troubles accessing Kitty Connect? It seems like half the time I run RWK there's no response when I go into KC.


  • You do need a stable Internet connection. Also, try relaunching the app if you see it behaving out of character to see if that helps
  • Hi there,

    The server hasn't been down, but the older iOS SDK that it is compiled with is a little bit fiddly with networking (I've found iOS devices in general do a lot of drops).  As fnanfne said, sometimes this is fixed by restarting the program.  I'll look into specific causes when I do the remake, because right now, with all the changes to the iOS SDK over the last couple years, I can't even get the original code to compile and work properly.
  • same for me - sometimes very annoying!!!
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