I can't wait for Hoggy 2 :)

Hi John, thank you for create Hoggy game, it's my FAVORITE games series !!! Raptisot is a small studio, but for me, it's a geant and big studio and Raptisoft have a big potential !!!

Raptisoft remind me Nintendo and Rareware on the gold age of videogame ! The quality of Raptisoft game is impeccable ! Im so excited for launch of Hoggy 2 !!!

Please post more picture of Hoggy 2, or a small trailer, video ? :-) And what is launch date ? January 2016, february 2016 ? :-)

And if you want a official translator for Hoggy 2, i'm your man and i make it for free dor you :-) Because my first language is french. Is not hard for me if you want Hoggy 2 in french.

Last question: In hoggy 2, do you include the first hoggy game too for "optimize" screen size ? Sell it like DLC :-)

Controls with arrows ? Possibility ro replay levels without erase all data from the game ? :-)

Thank you for reply me, continue yout beautiful work ! :-)

A big big fan,

Marc-Andre Drouin


  • Hi there, thank you very much!

    I'll put up a Hoggy 2 video soon, a demonstration of the level maker.  Right now the game is "done" but is getting levels made, so the completion date is out of my hands.  I might hit you up for translation-- I don't do enough localization!

    Incorporating the original levels is a possibility!  Hoggy 1 is only available on mobile right now, so having the original levels available on PC would be a plus.

    Yes, control with arrows, and yes, ability to replay levels.  I had a lot of complaints about the tilt controls and the inability to replay over the last few years, so I will be rectifying those!
  • I recall levels that required you to tilt at a certain angle to go not full speed, I'd imagine they would have to be changed a bit for pc if you use arrow keys to move
  • They are tweaked a bit, yes-- especially the famous and hated marching-bugs-on-ice level :)
  • Yeah thats the one I was thinking of, it was pretty rough.
  • edited January 2016
    thank you Raptisoft (or John) for your quickly reply :-) And i will wait the trailer with impatience lol.
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