• im glad with all this press, the hype train is gaining speed lol, after reading both of those web pages, i cant stop grinning ear to ear...

     and with touch arcade, unlike a lot of their other posts where they say something generally good, but with some critiques about a game, in every post that ive seen from them regarding raptisoft, its always been 100% positive, same thing with the comments, ive never seen a negative comment.. about the WORST i seen was "Minigore was always my favourite twin-stick, but Solomon's Boneyard was a very close second." and if that comment is the worst, then im thinking your doing things right :P
  • Ever since he announced Hoggy 2 I have been trying to finally beat all the levels. I have like 2 or 3 left I think. Its hard to even know cuz I have to find them and I still don't know what the map looks like. I did beat the 36 chambers of hogolin though. That took a while. In the last room I thought that I had messed up because the door closed I was so mad haha but i searched the room for a trigger and it opened again. Thankfully
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