The upcoming solomon

Do you think it'll be out by the first half of this year?


  • I obviously can't speak for him but he has said in the past that he doesn't like giving out dates on Solomon games because the universe conspires against him and ensures that the date cannot be met.
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    as super said, rapti doesnt like giving a release date untill its nearly done.. if i had to guess, no i really doubt it will be out by the first 1/2 of this year, maybe by the end of it, but i wouldnt be really shocked if it took till next year too.. he still has to finish hoggy up, and he is still obligated to cubic castles atm, so he cant devote all of his time to solomon.

    that being said, i could be completely wrong and he could have been holding out on us and pop solomon out next month lol.. point is we really wont know a release date untill maybe a few weeks before its actually released, but my best guess would be late 2016/early 2017
  • Suddenly posts a dowload link tomorrow. "Surprise guys I'm ready!
  • Haha... no dates.  It won't be out before Hoggy 2 is out.  At that time I am going to decide whether it is better to make the Robot Wants Kitty remake (since that one can happen fast) or heavy hit Solomon until it's done.  That decision will be a combination of what people on this board clamor for, and whether Hoggy 2 provides a sufficient funding base to concentrate on Solomon only.

    I'll put up a poll on which to do after Hoggy 2 is done!
  • *looks at number of solomon discussions VS rwk* 

    pretty sure this forum would lean more to solomon :P but yea i suppose funding would be a bit of an issue, but im sure most of the people waiting on solomon will buy hoggy just to help fund solomon lol

    theres also the donation thing ive mentioned a few times before.. open one up and im sure a lot of people would donate to it, and not just people from this forum, the tumbler followers and people that look at game review sites (like the one that recently made that beautiful post about the upcoming SK)

    if your unsure about the donation thing, you could (or i could) start a conversation to see if people would be willing to donate to you, i would make it right now, but i dont want to "force" the issue if you are on the fence about it or just flat out dont want to do it, so just comment or message me about it if you want me to make it :P
  • I was hoping "first half of this year" was vague enough that causality wouldn't take offence
  • honestly i think i was being a little too risky by saying late 2016/early 2017 lol.. (thats when i actually kinda expect it, but by me saying that i fear i may have kicked into motion some series of events to delay it untill sometime after that lol
  • Because I lost my ipod years ago, and have not played solomon in such, considering it is still my favorite game aside from the soulsborne's, I would pay muchly to aid in Solomon's release
  • Same, I reflow loaded them yesterday to play for the first time since I got rid of my iPod 2 a few years back

    Game Center doesn't work anymore, the resolution is still at the old size but none of that stopped me reaching demigod difficulty in one sitting
  • I have been playing the Solomon games for a very long time way back when Boneyard was a purchased game. I realize that these particular games are no longer being updated but I would encourage you to make at least an update to modify the donation button to read something like "Help fund me or something to the effect." As old as these titles are now they are still in my opinion the best games on the store and if development would have continued I really think they would be in the top tier lists. It does sadden me to know that one day Apple will reach an update level that will render the games obsolete so I would hope that at the very least they will be updated just for the sake of keeping them compatible. I owned both of these back ok my old ipod touch second generation and played them so frequently that you can clearly see the glass rubbed in the shapes of the on screen controls. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of games ive played on IOS Solomon is the only title that I actually care about. If in app donations will help with anything I will gladly resume making the buck donations regularly.
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