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There was a question in the past about whether Solomon's Keep would just feature wizards again.  The answer is an emphatic no!  The game will ship with four character classes, and if the game does well, an eventual expansion pack will add more (I have skill trees laid out for Druid, Priest, Samurai, and Assassin).

Of special note: There are no idiotically confident, wisecracking heroes in Solomon's Keep.  Solomon's reputation is huge, and everyone goes into the keep knowing that their death is the most likely outcome!  Character portraits will reflect this awful reality.

The Wizard's story is the same as iOS Keep-- it's your final exam.

The Paladin received a dream/revelation/sign that this was his mission.

The Rogue has been offered the option to storm Solomon's Keep or be hanged.

The Necromancer is Solomon's former apprentice who hopes to assume ownership of the Keep.


  • Everything is awesome.
  • That could be a song!
  • It would be too upbeat for these doomed heroes I bet :))
  • ...but necromancers are wizards, just specialized ones.... You should do more such specializations!!
  • sorry for the double post, but in regards to upbeat songs for dying:
  • The wizard uses elements to fight, while the necromancer stays in a corner and spams minions?

    Btw I just realized that games from Get Set Games looks a lot like the old "tabletop figurines" style in classic Keep and Boneyard. So, y'know, if you wanna recreate that feel with the new 3D models maybe you can learn something from 'em!
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    Looks like Get Set does pre-rendered, like old Keep was.  The main problem with 3D is you can't easily bake the shadows, etc, onto the models, and iPads are too slow to do the full shadowing in 3D.

    I kinda regret the amount of flexibility the wizard has in old keep.  It's causing problems because the wizards have about 70 skills, but there's not 70 skills one can add to a Paladin or Rogue without ending up with tons of redundancy.  As a result, I might end up breaking wizards out into a couple characters, just to balance the skill system better.  The downside of that is that it'll break spell welding completely.

    And darn, that video won't play for me.  But I have pretty bad internet for streaming HD stuff.
  • Is it possible to diversify Paladin/ Rogue skills by adding weapons that function uniquely?
  • Do you mean getting, say, a sword that grants Magic Missile?  Yes-- though it won't be quite diverse enough to let a paladin act as a mage.  It'll mostly be supplemental skills.  But any skill can "technically" be used by any character, if he has a point in the stat for any reason.
  • Mayhap going to a bookstore and browsing the Dungeons and dragons players manual will help inspire some new skills?
  • I've been down that path.  D&D has a lot of redundant spells-- stuff like "cure minor wounds / cure wounds / cure major wounds" ... the type of skill system I want to bring to Solomon doesn't favor redundancy-- ideally, every skill point you get changes your play style considerably.  Like if I wanted to get 70 skills for the Paladin with redundancy, it'd be easy. I could throw in "sword slash," "sword smack," and "sword wallop" and pretend it's a complex and deep skill system.  But I don't want to do that, I want every level up to have great potential for the player.

    On that same subject, that's also why I push the random skill picks... I assume most people have played Torchlight.  In Torchlight you see levelup descriptions that (exaggerated) say "Adds .00000003% damage to all attacks."  They HAVE to do that, because a player could just pick that same skill for 20 levels in a row, and if they make the number excitingly large, they get far overpowered players.  When I do the random skills, I can say "Doubles attack damage" or "Doubles the area of effect" and I don't have to worry about a player picking that skill over and over again until they are the ArchAvengingAngelOfDoom by level 8. 

    But I don't mind players being overpowered--for a bit.  I think the ideal fun of a game is, you levelup and suddenly, wow!  Everything has changed!  For a while, at least.  My goal is for every levelup to change how you play in a large way; You can go from a guy who has one measly magic missile that has to play the whole game fleeing backwards-- until you suddenly  get one point in More Missiles and your whole play-style changes into the aggressor.

    And if your random rolls allow you to become the ArchAvengingAngelOfDoom, that's rare enough to be a fun and exciting treat.
  • on Mage you have 4 different paths, what if you combined the knight and rogue then you could do

    warrior -> knight,rogue, -> holy Knight/paladin, slayer , archer/thief , shadow rogue 
    then you have 4 types like Mage, 
  • I had considered combining the warrior and archer at one point.  I rejected it because I wanted to have some very specialized fun classes, like druid and assassin-- and those don't fit well in that kind of paradigm.  What I'll probably do is either strip the mages down (fold earth magic into the Druid, for instance) or just allow the mages to have more skills than anyone else.  That makes a kind of sense-- magic users always have more options than everyone else.
  • I'm really looking forward to this game, and the diversification of characters is a huge plus! I constantly started and restarted games to get a perfect character in Keep and now there is so much more potential for growth. On a side note, I just started demigod with a lvl 41 lightning mage, 253 dps for 7 mana, +4 to all skills, ArchAvengingAngelOfDoom, etc. but my app crashed and it deleted my save file....any way that's recoverable Raptisoft?? :((
  • Earty Magic to Druid would be cool. What about altering the Disciplines (Arcane, Mind, Body) a little and making them available to every class? So things like Siege Mage and Battle Mage would be less mage-specific, and things like Fortunate Flailing, as creative as that is, could have different names. That would add a sort of standard background for all classes. Or of course, Arcane could remain mage-specific, Body and Mind would be available to all classes and then all classes would have their own version of Arcane. Or some other combination.
  • Ok I see 4 classes in the screenie but then you guys talk about knight and archer and assassin so what am I missing?
  • Paladin=Knight + Divinity skill tree
    Archer=Archer + Sneakiness skill tree

    Assassin would be in an expansion pack, if the game does well enough to warrant an expansion pack.  Ideally I'd have 8 classes when it's all said and done.
  • You mean Rogue=Archer + Sneak? Anyway these sound really comprehensive, can't wait to see the game in action :D
  • Necromancer? Yes, please! I'm often disappointed with the slow and limited necros in most games. For once I'd like to play as a necro that can compete with other classes in the end-game. What's the point of being a necromancer who can't even keep a handful of undead by his side? Skyrim really disappointed me in that aspect..
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    Zed, I agree completely.  In SK, the Necromancer will be able to play as a fledgling Solomon Dark.  You won't have to skill to manage hundreds of skeletons, but you will manage a small horde.
  • I would love a necromancer from raptisoft! When I tried skyrim at my friend's house I was disappointed that the Lightning didn't disperse through the lakes and water epically. With this game, I will NOT be disappointed by anything but the wait time. Other than that, I know raptisoft is a good developer.

    I want to save all my skill points until I get to the later point and then spend all of them at once like Solomon so I can fight fire with fire, or death with death. Isn't that the story of Solomon?
  • yes, that is the story of solomon sol, but i think you will need to spend them to deal with all the zombies munching on your face :P
  • Speaking of that though, will it be possible to save skill points this time around?
  • would be nice, but i think that would kill the random skill set, unless hes going to make an actual skill tree? (he was going to do it before i think, but changed his mind because it was too op)
  • The reason I keep it random is because I want levelups to have a profound effect on the character.  If it's not random, I have to do stuff like "Levelup Magic Missile: Increase damage by 3%" whereas what I want to do is "Levelup Magic Missile: Increase damage by 50%"

    In the first case, I have to take into account the person who is going to do NOTHING but levelup Magic Missile and thus if the levelup effect is profound, they become the unstoppable conquering machine by level 3.  I do want people to sometimes be unstoppable conquering machines, but not every single time!

    That said, I'm putting in a few things that give a little more control for people who want to guide their destiny more closely.
  • if its just a matter of stopping people from putting all points into one thing, have a level cap for certain points, (a good reference would be like sonny/sonny2 from armor games) so they wouldnt be able to add points to the same skill every level.

    theres also people like me that enjoy the randomness at times, so maybe an option to switch between random/skill tree? maybe make the skill tree premium? (but make it so if your lucky on random, you could get multiple points in one skill before you could in tree, so its risk V reward)

  • Will there be seeds so that if we get like a crazy good run we could save the seed and play it again? Similar to binding of isaac rebirth. Entering a seed would disable highscores of course, that way you couldn't just use a good seed every time
  • Yes, it's set up so you can re-run with seeds.
  • better create a category on the forums just for seed listings then, otherwise i expect the solomon page to be swamped with them :P
  • Haha, I will.
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