Screenshot Saturday?

Where'd this go? I liked the mini previews


  • Right now I'm finishing Hoggy 2, and there's nothing much interesting about the screenshots of that.  When I get back to Solomon (couple weeks) I'll start them up again.  But right now they'd be insanely mundane.
  • J'ai vraiment hâte de voir le jeu Hoggy 2. Je me demandes actuellement combien de temps il sera encore nécéssaire d'attendre avant de pouvoir l'acheter ! J'ai si hâte que je serais prêt à payer 50$ tout de suite ! :)
  • Boy my French is rusty, I needed Google Translate.  Hoggy 2 is done except for finishing touches, but it'll be for sale on my site for PC/Mac before the end of the month-- unless something goes very wrong.
  • You're killing me John :(
  • Its only 25~ days we can handle it :D 
    instead of worrying about it we should be cheering him on! It's the final stretch!

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