So is production of Solomon games back on?

Forgive me if I missed it, but are the legal issues over, and are you back to developing Solomon games?  


  • Yes.

    Sadly, I lost steam on "Solomon Dark" and from all the bad memories related to it, I can't finish it.  I'm instead folding all that code into a deluxe version of Solomon's Keep.
  • Well I am glad to hear that the worst is behind you.  From the screenshots being posted I gather that the new Solomon's Keep is well on it's way.  I anxiously look forward to it.

    I realize that you have a million other things to focus on, but as a fan of the Solomon games, i can't help but ask about the next product.  Will it be an iPad/iPhone game?  Also, can you speculate about when it might be released?  (Please not before May, because I need to finish my semester projects first.)  
  • During the whole brouhaha during Dark, I took work on another project just to keep the bills paid (  Because I still have obligations to devote time to that, Solomon's Keep will be longer coming out than I'd like.  I don't want to give a time, I always miss those deadlines.  It'd only be out before May if a hundred miracles fell my way. :)

    I will post some playable builds here as time goes on though.  But note that these builds will be geared more toward testing tech-- I don't want to ruin the game for anyone by posting crappy versions.

    Release SHOULD go like this:

    PC version from my site
    Steam if they'll have me
    Android tablets
    Android phones

  • I am really looking forward to playing this on Android since I moved away from Apple around the iPhone 4 days, in fact I've spent years trying to find a game similar but nothing seems to come close.
  • Solomon's keep and boneyard have by far been my favorite mobile game of all time. I've been awaiting a relese for the android system for quite some time there any word on if that will ever happen.
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