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Hi folks, here are the new forums, and sorry about the delay!  It was difficult to find one with first-rate spam checking that also allowed facebook, twitter, and gmail logins.

Some small news: I'm not gone, I'm working on more new games.  2014 was a complex year, but getting past it now, and you should see something in 2015!


  • And here we are! I like the layout of this forum, can't wait to see what you have for us :D
  • Can we hope for Solomon Dark?
  • Woohoo John is still kicking \m/

    Can we hope for ANY Solomon game?

    Btw every guide and finding in the old forum are like, gone forever now?
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    Answering Questions time!

    1. No, the old forums are still around, just hard to get to.  Over time I'll try to give access to the old stuff so it can be re-posted here.  I have to figure out how to do that, though!

    2. Solomon Dark is dead.  The patent thing was dropped one year to the day after being imposed, but in the intervening year several things happened that killed the game.  In time, I will put out the incomplete version as freeware for people to just play for fun.

    3. You can expect a new Solomon game.  I will give out very little advance details to prevent parasites from noticing it and trying to extort money.  There will be some videos and screenshots, but take note, they will have all user-interface removed. Those who are fans of Hoggy, Hamsterball, and Chuzzle can also expect some love after this Solomon game is done.

    4. During the Patent Harassment Year, I began working on another project ( with another company.  I am still obligated to work on that project, which will slow down Solomon stuff, but barring any disasters, I do intend to have a Solomon game out this year.

    Thank you all for sticking around.  I apologize for the mess, but I am still working hard to bring you the fun.
  • HI! I'm back.

    Looks wonderful Raptisoft, just wonderful. :D
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    Ah, glad to see you Chaos.  Hey, it might take me some time to dig your old posts out of the spam that eventually destroyed my old forums.  You don't have all that data mirrored anywhere, do you?

    And yes, that's a warrior walking up the ancient stone steps in the pouring rain.
  • ;_; Will multiplayer Solomon's Boneyard/Keep ever become a thing? ;_;

    still happy to see amazing games being developed ^_^ wish the best of luck, raptisoft XD
  • Yes, as of this time, the next Solomon game is being designed as a client/server system (even when single player) which means you can run a server, like a minecraft server, and have people connect to it.
  • Wow, that sounds exciting!

    Since Solomon Dark, which as I see it is Boneyard deluxe, is dead, the new game is something like Keep deluxe? I don't suppose you still fancy making other classes apart from mage? :p

    And do work hard on Cubic Castle, we shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket after all ^^
  • Check out the screenshot above... It is not a Mage walking into that keep. :)
  • OMG that's not a mage! Awesomesauce! :-O
  • I do remember saying you would be doing keep with stuff other than mages. So does that mean this is keep?

    I remember some thought about a druid, don't remember any details though. 
  • Yeah, noticed that wasnt a mage. Solomon's keep with new classes maybe? Sorta reminds me of a game called Dungeon Hunter 2. I dont know, whatever it is, pretty excited about it :D
  • So happy to see things are happening! I keep checking in every few months ;)

    Currently restarted playing boneyard, unlocking all perks again and saving up. Only unlocked telekinesis and random secondary skill, (for cheap magic shield). How much out of the .69p actually goes to you, Raptisoft? And is there anywhere to just donate directly, and not through apple?

    Hope to keep hearing from you! Xx Thanks!
  • LordKronsell, thank you.  Apple takes a fairly hefty percentage-- I'm not sure if part of my 34-page publication agreement forbids me from naming what that percentage is.

    I never thought of putting together a donation place, but now I will :)  ... 
  • I've been a fan of Solomon's Boneyard for a while, but I've just recently realized how awesome you actually are! You've made my all time favorite popcap game: chuzzle! Which I'm still wondering why it was removed from the AppStore. You also helped make robot wants kitty, which was a game one of the developers of an MMO I currently play has made, AND now I'm hearing your also working on cubic castles, which I just so happen to have started playing a while back...

    Can't wait for something new, keep up the good work!
  • Sweet the new forums are up!!! Glad to see you are still up and running. Been awhile sense I have played your games, but now its time to break them out and get ready for your new ones. Very nice and keep it up. If you do get that donation place put together let me know
  • Wait, which posts are you referring to Raptisoft?

    And Raptisoft may be forbidden to speak of it, but I'm pretty sure it's 30%. Or it was, anyways. So if I pay a dollar, Raptisoft gets 70 cents. I think.
  • Google says you're right. For in app purchases at least, who knows if there's a different number for app purchases, a lot of his games if not all are free though if I'm not mistaken. 
  • Dropped by on happenstance...REALLY hope you get the new game out. Since the iPhone 3GS, I've ALWAYS kept solo mins boneyard & keep. I LOVE keep. The combining was incredible. Control scheme too. I need a good app to play mannnn! :)
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    I'm very excited! (I actually sent raptisoft a tweet a while ago asking "are you dead?" XD
  • Not dead, but my twitter WAS disabled for "suspicious activity" and it took me a long time to get it back up. Twitter is the worst way to ping me though.
  • My soul can finally be at ease! Thank you great gods of gaming for answering my prayers! Glad to see all are alive again! Id have joined back sooner but my link was faulty because of the new forum
  • Nice to see a forum again! :)
  • I am so glad this is alive!!! This used to be one of my favorite games and now I want to get back into it so bad! I can't wait until something comes out like the abandoned "freeware" Solomon dark or something so I can play with the new stuff I've seen and been taunted with for over 2 years, if not more.

    I love this game because it is the coolest and most innovative wizard game there is out there. No two spells are the same, and that's what makes it awesome. You strive to make quality, and that inspires me.

    Just remember that we are very excited for something to play.

    Solrex, the Sun King
  • Any chance of a popquest revival?
  • Hey Dryden, how'd you know I worked on Popquest?  Are you from the old days at Popcap?

    I probably will do a turn-based game of a similar style eventually... I hope to.  Cuz I loved that game!
  • I was one of the beta testers back then.  At some point, people were asking lots of questions about seeing that turn into something, and I believe someone indicated you were the driving force behind it...  A lot of people loved that game, would love to know why it was never released.
  • Hey Raptisoft! Thanks so much for the updates. I've been waiting for a new Solomon game for so long! What platforms will the new Solomon game and the freeware Solomon Dark be released on? IOS, Mac, Windows, Android, etc?
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