Is an update for SK & SB coming?

Please Raptisoft make an update of the classic SK & SB for the new iPhones, adapting the screen size, and resolution, I been waiting for them forever, in fact this is the only game that has truly made me an iPhone gamer ever since, I still play it on my iPhone 6, the problem now is that the cloud does not work and the game I was playing was completely lost forever because I upgraded.
I've always admired your work and art! You are a very talented person.
Keep up the awesome work you do


  • You can wait for the upcoming Solomon's Keep deluxe, it's looking pretty awesome \m/ Raptisoft releases new screenshots every Monday!
  • Thanks a lot!

    Solomon's Keep Deluxe will possibly be the "update" to Solomon's Keep-- literally it'll replace the old version.  I can't update the old codebase because Apple has what I consider very poor compatibility issues-- they change their compiler so much that old code literally won't work any more.  Getting Solomon's Keep+Boneyard to compile again is probably a 2-3 day job, time that I'd rather spend moving the new version forward!

    There's a program called iPhone Explorer for Mac that can copy data from one iPhone to another.  All you have to do is open iPhone explorer, open your iPhone with it, and copy the Sandbox folder of Solomon's Boneyard to your mac, and then overwrite the same folder on your new iPhone.  It's kludgy, but it works.
  • Would an iPad version to fit the screen become available for SB + SK?
  • No, for same reason-- Apple has changed the compiler so much that I can't even get the old code to compile (this is one of the known perils of working with Apple). 
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