Reaching out to Raptis.

Things are looking really bleak here on the forums and I've found no signs of life concerning raptisoft in months. I've sent an email to Raptisoft in the hopes that It will reach Raptis and we can shed some light on what's happening. If anyone has a way of more directly contacting him, it'd be nice to just see a short "I'm not dead, still working hard.". I'll update immediately if I find anything out- Zed


  • We messaged a few days ago and he didn't say anything was wrong, I'm assuming everything is fine. 
  • Hey... sorry, I just got that message forward to me in e-mail.

    Things are going okay.  I moved and had a dog die (dogs are family members here, so it's hard) and that slowed me down.  Hoggy 2 is almost done, and I'll be setting up a steam greenlight for it some time in the next two weeks.  After that I'm going to poll you guys on whether you want a bigger+better RwK sequel or for me to just hit Solomon hard until it's done.

    BTW, DorkLord would yet you know if I died or quit or anything... he and I talk pretty often.
  • Hey there, thanks for the update. I totally understand how hard it is to lose any member of your family.

    It certainly wasn't my intent to bog you down with anything else to worry about, but the silence and delays were beginning to make me (and a few others it seems) wonder if things hadn't just collapsed. I'll keep my patience about me and look forward in the meantime.
  • I am so sorry for your family member :( I totally understand. It's very sad.

    Hoggy 2 will be "green light" in the next two weeks for steam, but for ios and android, what is the date ?
  • Woah, my condolences on your loss Raptisoft. I hope all is well, losing a family member is never easy I myself lost my mom a few years back and twice a year since I am reminded of that loss on her birthday and then on mine (was the day or her funeral) but even so ya have to believe they are in a better place now and one can take comfort in that I believe.
  • +1000 for the RwK sequel!!!

    On a separate note, I was wondering if the theme/gameplay melodies for RwK are available to download anywhere?
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    Please hit at solomon until there's something to play, other than the Dark beta, I haven't been able to play in seven years...
  • Seven years? Have the Solomon games been out that long?! Please explain. Can't you just revisit the existing Solomon games?
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    no ipod anymore, went down the path of android. And I started playing on my first year of high school, in 09. Had it for about a year and literally played it at least 15 hours a week, before my ipod died in a freak falling into the ocean accident. so actually more like six years now that I math, but close enough.
  • I vote Solomon. The new classes and spells seem awesome!
    Btw I finally found the one comment that said that Earth skills probably won't come back for mages. So disregard my one question about them.
  • It's nice to hear that you are okay. I am deeply sorry for your loss, take as long a break as you need before continuing work again.
    To reply to some of you out there, I've had solomons boneyard since 2010 on my iPod touch. Purchased solomons keep in 2011 when I discovered that it was another Solomon title. I've been playing it on my iPod touch ever since. I even have that +2 to all stats ring that is supposedly very rare. I have an iPad now that I bought with my own income (time really flies) and I still play it.
    So yes, it has been a long wait, but it's understandable given Raptis' position and the other games in the making.
    Just know that we'll be patient and support you with whatever decisions you make.
  • I'm sorry for your loss, hope you're doing well.

    I also vote solomon, cant wait to play it
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