Solomon Dark Beta

I have been looking for the Solomon Dark beta EVERYWHERE! I can't find it and I really want to play! Does anyone know how to get it, if so please tell me?


  • Hi there, I never actually released it.  Tell you what, visit this forum on HALLOWEEN 2016 between 12 noon EST and 12 midnight EST and I'll leave up a temporary link to Solomon's Boneyard Beta...
  • You decided to release the beta? Yass :D
  • Yeah-- it's possible to play it as a game, but there's a whole lot not done in it (mostly metagame stuff, and lots of bosses not implemented)... but if you want a Solomon Skill System fix while you're waiting for Keep, it's a good substitute. 
  • Thank You sooo sooo much you are such a great game developer, keep up the great work! Can't wait for the upcoming solomon's keep game!!
  • A big thank you rapti :D

    And indeed a great game developer!!!
  • What is the beta on computer, phone, or something else?
  • computer. I havent played it since junior year in high school. Time flies!
  • It'll be on computer... but remember, while it's completely playable, it's not done.  Maybe some of you guys can mod the text files to add some new items in or something to make it fun for yourselves.
  • It was already fun :D
  • I love this game . It's so good that I never want to remove it on my iPhone.  I want know if you update Solomon's keep and Solomon's boneyard again?
  • At this time I will only update the games if Apple threatens to pull them for not being updated.  Getting them updated is going to be 2-3 days of work because Apple has changed their programming standards so much in the last few years that the source code will no longer compile (jerk company).

    But if they pull them, I will take the time to do that.  If they don't pull them, I want to get my Deluxe version of Keep out, since it's everything in Keep plus more.
  • what is the deluxe version of the game for? pc or phone? would you be up for making an android version or a windows 10? The only reason I hold onto my old iPhone 4s is so I can play the Solomon games (keep and boneyard). Thank you.
  • Hi Shon,

    The deluxe SK is going to be for everything I can possibly get it on.  The release schedule would go like this, though:

    PC/Mac, Android, iPhone, other stuff.  The reason iPhone will be last is because with the other systems I can quickly update, so if any weird bugs appear I can fix them THAT DAY instead of submitting them into Apple's approval system.

    And thanks for still playing Solomon.  I am catching up on my energy here so things are going to start arriving soon, as long as no more smackdowns impact me.

  • Solomon has been one of the greatest app to ever hit phones i mean i would play it from time to time on a pc (if i had it on pc) but it is my go to phone game and pretty much will be unbeaten based on the stuff that gets released you put a lot of effort into the game and it really shows sorry about that legal issue with dark i refreshed the page for a bout a year just checking periodicly  
  • Thank you very much Kyoto!  I had intended to keep building on it, but then the technology changed so much so quickly that Solomon (designed for iPhone 1) began to look very dated.  I hope you'll stick around for Halloween, when I'll be releasing the unfinished version of Solomon Dark, just for one day, for people to look over.

    And after I finish Hoggy, I'll resume the Deluxe Solomon's Keep.  Watch for a greenlight of that soon.
  • Raptisoft, Thank you very much for your halloween gift. It's very cool. I get, unzip, run... but game has crush.  :(

  • Raprisoft, thank you for you halloween gift. It's realy very cool. I get it, unzip, run... and get app crush :(
    My computer is windows 7 laptop with i7, 8Gb Ram, and nvidia 540m.
    Thank you for very cool Solomon game.
  • I stuck around for halloween and 110% worth it great great game i will probably play it as much as solomon keep and boneyard (i have about 200 hrs of keep and 1000 hrs on boneyard[my first iphones hardware melted around round 70 on boneyard- worth it btw])(even tho it unfinished )
  • mshak, go into the sandbox folder and look for the settings.txt file.

    Open it in a text editor, and look for:


    Change that true to false, and it should run for you.  I am uploading a fix, but my DSL has chosen this time to adjust my upload speed to 1993 levels.
  • Raptisoft, thank you. This solution help me.
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