Hoggy 2 on Steam Greenlight

Hi all,

Okay, it's been a tough move and a very disorganized year, but now that things are settling down, I'm moving things forward!

First off... here's a new Hoggy 2 video:

And please!  Vote for Hoggy 2 on Steam Greenlight, here:

As anyone who's talked to me knows, I have only one skill point in marketing and promo, so if you pass that Greenlight link onto friends, I will appreciate it, and by appreciate I mean I'll do something for you (but I don't know what yet).

Some have asked for updates, so let me tell you the general gist of what's planned here:

1. Looking to launch Hoggy 2 in Oct or Nov... it's almost done and just needs all the levels full decorated.
2. Hoggy 2 will come out for systems in the following order: PC/Mac, iPhone/Android.  The slashed ones should be simultaneous.
3. After that I'm going to poll you guys on whether you want an updated game like Robot Wants Kitty (with the advanced features available in the Hoggy 2 editor) or you want me to hit Solomon's Keep Deluxe hard and get it done!

That's my update!  I'll try to keep in touch more, but remember, I'm one of those hardcore computer introvert guys, so bear with me!

Thanks again,


  • YESSSS ! But Hoggy 2 will be out for pc/mac in oct/nov, but for iphone and android is it oct/nov too, or no ?

    And good work for Hoggy 2 ! I can't wait for play with on my iphone 7 ! :D

    For remakes, robot want's kitty is a very great idea, and solomon's keep too !
  • iPhone/Android might lag by a few weeks because the levels have to have some small changes to fit the smaller screen.  But planning all this year!
  • Finally its on greenlight...good news...Raptisoft is back haha
  • Yeah, what a miserable few years it's been since that stupid lawsuit.  I wish there was some way to countersue him for all this lost time.
  • Is there no way? This cant be..
    It seems to me that patent trolls can do whatever they want without facing any consequences..
  • Yeah once they win, they distribute the profits to the owners leaving the actual "business/organization" with no money to sue for. And you probably can't find out who owns the company, if you did you probably couldnt sue them for it either.
  • Everyone should watch that video.
  • This is just ridiculous..and the worst thing is that they're not even breaking the law..that is corrupt!
  • We are in november now :) I can't wait for buy & play Hoggy 2
  • Yep-- I'm about to go into seclusion to do the big Finish, too!  I've been having fun listening to and thinking about Dark and Keep, but now it's time to do the final tie-up of Hoggy.
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