Solomon's Keep for TVOS?

I've been a long time fan of Solomon's Keep, and I couldn't help notice how well it would play on an Apple TV. Any plans to make a TVOS version?



  • Does the Apple remote have anything that resembles a touchpad?  Keep plays as a twin-stick shooter (even when played with the keyboard and mouse)... I'm not too familiar with Apple TV, does it have an input that would accomodate that?

    Like, is the round part and the blank area below touch sensitive?
  • im not 100% because I dont have an apple tv nor have i ever even seen one but I think you can input with keyboard as well. So I suppose it could work if you use WASD on keyboard, and used the touch part on the remote for the aiming direction. 
  • Hey I am new here and I do have a Apple TV and have played solomons keep on it and it was simple I enabled mirroring after putting in the apple tv's password and turning on it and the tv then I simply played the game on my I pad and everything i did on the I pad was on the tv and other people gave imput in the house and voted on level ups and how to spend gold we beat wizard mode but died at floor 7 and it was hardcore with no bonus starting items but it went well.
  • Raptisoft should even put it on amazon so it can be played on amazon devices and even on tv.
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