Hamsterball Remaster

I have a suggestion.

Why not make a remaster of the first game? Hamsterball is a great game, but it is not keeping up with the evolution of computers. If you ever do one, here are my thoughts.
  • Add a few more races. WE ALL NEED MORE!
  • Support 16:9 aspect ratios and higher resolutions (1336x768, 1920x1080, etc.)
  • Higher texture quality. That's better.
  • Raise Hamsterball's popularity. It's underrated as heck, and MORE PLAYERS=MORE AWESOMENESS!
  • Borrow some features from the upcoming sequel.
I am expecting your thoughts soon.


  • I have a Hamsterball 2 already in the works.  It has an editor and level sharing similar to Robot Wants Kitty.  Mostly the issue is I need to finish Hoggy2 and Solomon's Keep HD first... then I'll finish up HB2 as well.
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