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I've mostly been working on UI and inventory management since last Monday, so I thought I'd showcase that in this version, the Keep isn't just a bunch of square featureless rooms.  The new engine is capable of pits, stairs, balconies, all kinds of stuff.  However, for gameplay simplicity, this kind of thing will be pretty rare, and confined to specific rules so that you never end up in the situation (I'm looking at you, Diablo 3) where the terrain is so "beautiful" that you can't tell where you can and can't walk.

If you look closely, you can see that the wizard is equipped with a sword and shield.  While almost never advisable, gear in Solomon's Keep won't be limited by class.  If you want to be the World's Worst Wizard Archer, you are welcome to do so!  For coolness/randomness factor, there will be a few swords and things that actually buff Wizard skills (as well as staves and wizard hats that buff other class skills).  However, cross-class equipping will be limited by skills-- for a wizard to equip full plate, for instance, he will need to have points in warrior skills like armor handling.  This is accomplished by random chance or by perks.


  • So when my wizard uses a sword can he still cast magic?
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    Yeah.  He'll just be ineffective at using the sword for anything but a prop (without skill/perk boosts).  And swords that would out-perform a staff in terms of buffing skills or granting bonuses a wizard would actually find useful would be few and far between.
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    I like this idea, and may I suggest: heavy armors reduce movement speed, unless you have a specific perk (assuming armors can be found)
  • Well damage resistance doesnt slow you down for mages so... 
  • It looks awesome, I can't wait to play the new Solomon's adventure, also it would be really cool to use a "dark magic" Mage, some Mage that used to be Solomon's disciple.
  • Sagramor, see last week's screenshot.  That's exactly what the necromancer class is.
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    Now that I think about it, we have never seen Solomon Dark actually casting spell huh? We mostly fight the minions he presumedly summoned, and when actually engaged he just uses his scythe. Closest I have seen is Arcane magic summoning Leviathan /:) wait I mean Ether :p
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