Happy Halloween everyone!

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Happy Halloween!

Please vote:

Greenlight in your Steam Client:

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And visit www.raptisoft.com and take note of the countdown timer here!


  • (Special note: This doesn't mean SK is imminent, but if I'm greenlit, it will progress a heckuva lot faster... work on Hoggy 2 kicked into overdrive after the positive feedback of getting greenlit!)
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    woooohooO!!! More power to you !! WOOOHOOO 

    BTW Mr Raptis. When Will you post the unfinished solomon dark game? 8-X what's with the "something will happen here in: GOING LIVE!?
  • I found what I think to be a minor typo in the steam green light description of the wizard. It says the brightest in their graduating glass, instead of class
  • TheLav, thanks!  Fixed.

    Hamsa, I used some counter code that used local time.  I have a thingie that should be correct for the whole world now.
  • Yasss nice
    And Happy Halloween 8-X
  • Voted Yes! Woot!
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