What's the point of being a forum member if you don't get special treatment?


  • Mind if I share this at Toucharcade to spread the word? :)
  • Sure-- but wait until 12pm, please... the bonus is just for people who hang out here.

  • Well then that's just fine, I shot the crew over there the link to Raptisoft homepage anyway, they can marvel at the stupendousness of the countdown timer a little longer =)
  • Game keeps crashing on my laptop  :-? I'm running window 10, I wonder if it's not compatible.
  • edited October 2016
    It's possible... but it runs on the Win10 box I have here.  Have you tried compatibility mode?
  • I have, it doesn't seem to help. The game created a 'sandbox' folder with an empty 'social' folder inside after the first (crashed) launch.
  • I will look into it, but not too much, since I don't intend to support this.  If it's something I can quickly fix, I'll post the update.  My problem is I can't duplicate it at this point.

  • Yeah sure take your time. Thanks for releasing this version!
  • Thank you Rapti :D
  • Does anyone have an alternate download? it seems like the website reached a bandwidth limit pretty fast and I have been unable to access it since I got home earlier today. Thank you!
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