Dark Beta, non crashing version

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I've uploaded a new version!  Exact same link, exact same filename-- it will never default to fullscreen.

For some smaller screens you might still need to edit the text file to adjust the resolution.  This should be a fairly rare occurrence.

Also it pains me to do this, but I'm going to leave the upload up until 8am tomorrow so that any of my regular European and Asian users who got a bad copy will have a chance to snag the good one.  I'll be removing the link from the main page, though.  So if you've got the bad version, just visit http://www.raptisoft.com/freedark and snag it before 8am tomorrow.  8am tomorrow and it'll never be seen again!


  • Also, if you're seeding torrents, or offering the download from your own page, etc, please use this version!
  • Thank you so much for this!
    Been a fan fan of the solomon series since it first came out :D
  •      I thank you quite grandly Lord Raptis. This has quelled the accursed itch that even dark souls could not sate. It is nice seeing it there again, granting hope that one day Solomon's dark will shine upon the gaming community once again.

    ;) nice catch on removing the spacebar thing in the new version.

        Out of curiosity, those of us who helped in the original beta, whom you offered to be in the credits, will this offer still be there in Keep? I blame you not if we will not be, as it is technically a different game.
  • Bandwidth Limit Exceeded... Can't visit the website right now :(
  • Same, bandwidth limit exceeded.

    Will I get to keep my saves if I download the new one though?
    I got up to the Dire 3, and I'm pretty proud of my highscore even though nobody will ever be able to see it
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    I am so loving this game. Nothing more satisfying than playing skeleton bowling with boulders...alongside using lightning to strike them down. 

    I've tried three of the different abilities so far and have found lightning to be the easiest to survive with. The earth one I think is a bit more fun. 

    I've just gotten to my third attempt and am still alive so far while using lightning. 
    I gotta say Heartmonger was a real b***h to destroy. I think it took me somewhere around 10-15 minutes to destroy them (probably not, but still felt like forever to take their health down). I had to do the task continuously running while waiting for mana to regenerate (made easier by getting faster regeneration passives during the few times I leveled up during battle. 

    Also please tell me the newest Solomon's keep will have the option to make female characters (I don't mind chipping paying a couple bucks for a character skin dlc pack on Steam like you had for the ios versions)...other than that, keep doing what your doing:)

    And thank you for the new download, its made the game a lot easier to start up:D
  • ...*twitches out of exhausted daze* THIS IS AMAZING! Can we actually post and download our own levels on the dark cloud? THANK YOU for making this. I hope you take pride in this game because it is so addictive, compelling, and deep that I'm experiencing child-like wonder I once thought lost.
  • I keep trying to reach the website but keep getting a bandwidth limit exceeded error for the whole http://www.raptisoft.com/ website. Does anyone have a mirror or alt download that I can try? I've been waiting a long time and REALLY don't want to miss the opportunity to get this game. Thanks!
  • I keep trying to access the website and have been trying for a while but keep getting bandwidth limit exceeded errors. Does anyone have an alternate download or torrent link?
  • How much money do I have to give you for this game to be completed? :)
  • first of all, thank you very much. i love this game!!
    is there a way to go back to town? didn't find a way..

  • Hi BishBish,

    There would have been in story mode... but survival is just that, outfit yourself, go into the graveyard, and play until you die.
  • missing time
    how can i get the game now 
  • Someone here must have it around somewhere... bandwidth killer that it is. :)
  • Hey there, I quickly uploaded it here: http://www.filedropper.com/solomondarkabandonware
    Hope that download works :)

    Thanks a lot for the game! I'm very eager to play it. On my Win10 laptop it started and ran fine when I gave it a short try.
  • after some time playing i must say it's really great and fun game :-)

    emmm... something about the "non crashing version"... actually it did happen to me more than few times, mostly when the character is dying, and the progress is not saved (gold), as if the current game never happened.

    starting new game give me the sack+gold of the previous game... bummer.
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