Dark Beta glitches/custom maps/etc

where should we post all this stuff?, it would be fun to be able to share all this stuff. while I did not experience the glitch dealing with screen width/ I did have one where the game crashed every tike i tried to go to the dark cloud. I solved this by going into the settings file and changing the number of "levels" to 1 from 0. I also might but just be stupid but where can you do the oje story level mode?, it seems i can only find the survival. as for the editor it is amazing. for some reason though it wont let me test my games... and thats all i got. this game is amazing and wait for the next keep


  • I added a new category to the forums... Dark Modding.

    I suggest if you want to share files, throw them into dropbox or whatever and just share a link here.

    The beta as it stands doesn't let you go back into story mode... though I am PRETTY SURE if you grab the story mode level out of the data folder and move it to the editor's folder, you can play with them there.  But to replay story mode, you'll have to rename or destroy the Sandbox folder... if you do that it'll start the whole game over from start.

  • How do you fix the screen width glitch?
  • @dryden what do you mean, like when it is fullscreen on startup?

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