Monday Screenshot 3/23

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I've been working on UI, quest system, standalone server for hosting multiplayer, and other things that really don't "show" in screenshots for the last couple weeks... so I offer up a screenshot of some old acquaintances that most people will be familiar with.  Note that a multiplayer Paladin and Wizard are going to tackle Solomon's Keep together.


  • Awesome! I aslo forgot to tell you my name in Game Center was always Vorpus, that's how much I like the game. I can't wait to contribute to the forums and start playing the game. Cheers!
  • I always assumed gamecenter was irrevocably hacked!  Every time I looked into it, in the early days, everyone had a score of 999,999,999. :)

  • Is the cabinet still a feature? [-O<
  • Yeah, of course.  If you don't code something like that in, someone just makes a utility to do it anyway!
  • The nature of the cabinet is that it is there even if it is not coded. It is always in existence.
  • That moment when you play the game in multiplayer with a necromancer, defeat Solomon and save the land, only to install your friend as the new lord of evil :P
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