Okay, everyone... I am going into seclusion to do the final screaming finish on Hoggy.

Dork Lord will let me know if I need to respond to anything critical!

Just so you know I'm not ditching anyone-- it's just final crunch time!



  • Best of luck to you! And thank you so very much for giving Solomon Dark to us :)
  • No problem!  If you can, let people know about the Solomon's Keep greenlight... it got a ton of votes then stalled.
  • Thanks you so much for the Surprise Halloween Present. As a massive fan of Solomon's Keep since middle school, I always thank you for making such an amazing game and inspired me to study game development. I know I have been slightly salty(mostly because I was frustrated that you misunderstood the purpose and function of the skills that I suggested, especially the lich one.) and overexcited but I just want you to know that I only want the New Solomon's Keep to be even more fun and enjoyable. Keep up the good work on Hoggy 2 and hopefully see you someday with more awesome details of Solomon's Keep. Till then, take care. ;)
  • Salty doesn't bug me!

    An entertainer's purpose is to reach his audience.

    Okay, seclusion for real now.
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