Monday screenshot 3/30

The Paladin is primarily a melee fighter.  The main skill path deals with pure weapons and armor expertise.  A second skill path calls on divine intervention to strengthen the Paladin's will.  A third skill path allows the paladin to act as a very limited caster.  Here, a beleaguered Paladin uses Lance of Light to weaken and thin out the hordes.


  • Are the skeletons coming from that summoning circle? >:)

    The third path doesn't sound as promising as the others huh?
  • The third path would be more supplemental than a straight style of play.
  • Looks legit.

    Let's pretend those pentagrams do work as summoning circles. Would a certain apprentice be able to, oh, I don't know, maybe... Steal them for themself?
  • While I'm not going to throw around frivolous wording like "offended" I'm fairly bothered by the presence of a pentagram (even in a game). Since you (John Raptis) are super cool in my eyes-and you reply to most comments-Can I ask "Why use a pentagram?" without looking like a religious extremist or paranoid soccer mom?
  • Sure... And I'm not offended: I have two kids and I have to be careful about what they see and what comes into their lives too.

    Why a pentagram: this is mostly about communicating that Solomon is a bad guy. It's a way to quickly telegraph to the user that they are dealing with evil and not a "cool dude" or someone to emulate, in a single picture. The pentagram is intended to stand in stark contrast to the players, who fight with light (and no, the player necromancer will not use any sort of dark symbology in play).
  • In ye olde mythology, a pentagram was actually a protective charm against devils. The church in its wide power of changing history made everyone think differently. (Although in a necromancer's home, a protective ward against evils seems appropriate, considering the powers they normally deal with)
    As a recommendation, if that is the paladins ray of light we see in the picture, might I recommend it have a yellower hue? Blue usually has the feel of arcane, but yellow is more akin to the sun/radiance. Generally a paladin follows a goodly god of honor or life or such, and sun yellow would mayhap give that feel,
  • Yeah, a long time ago the pentagram was a bit different. Nowadays though- the most popular use of the pentagram is with wiccans and the church of satan, which is why it causes a lot of people discomfort. Make no mistake, my interest was understanding the purpose, not attacking or voicing my disapproval of the pentagram in the above pic. I can definitely understand why some people would use the pentagram for its symbology of evil or ancient culture-just remember you are facing masses of people who will think "pentagram=devil worship or witchcraft" due to their lack of historical knowledge on the subject.
  • In sherlock holmes (the movie with robert downey jr.) it was like a symbol for like a dark magic ritual thing. I think it fits well. 

    And going along with the others asking if it was a summoning circle, if it was that then it would make sense because it was like black magic to bring them back from the dead.
  • The pentagram thing has been reworked. John is grateful for the imput and it actually helped him improve the symbol. Wait until you see it!
  • Sweet sounds awesome
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