Upcoming versions for Android ?

Hi !

I played a lot to both Solomon's games and it sas the 2 games I've enjoyed playing the most !
Now I'm on Android and it's too bad they re not available..
Do you have the project to develop them in Android OS,.. Or at least develop your new game on both iOS and Android ?



  • Hola,

    Converting the old ones to android is not going to happen at this time (I've had two people try and give up!).  My new development framework works with Android though, so new games will come out for Android-- though, sadly, it will probably be the "last to get it" during the dev cycle because Android is so dang difficult to work with!
  • I was secretly hoping the Android version would be before the IOS version as my phone contract is up for renewal and I wanted the new S6.

    Going back to the world of iPhone with a shiny new 6 Plus
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