The Hoggy 2 Beta

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Okay, hi everyone, this is to announce the Hoggy 2 Beta...
This is PC only at this time.  Mac version will come after I fix whatever the day 1 bugs are.

Disclaimer: By uploading levels you forfeit the rights to their design, etc.  This is because some of you might upload levels similar to the actual Hoggy levels that are in the main game, and I don't want to get accusations that I copied them, etc.  The Hoggy 2 levels are done, but this is legal butt-covering, since I have had too much experience with the legal system already.

Some notes:

1. Unless something catastrophic goes wrong, anything you add will remain live after Hoggy 2 launches, so this is your chance to shout "first."
2. The settings dialog is not keyboard enabled yet, so if you try to arrow or joystick through it it'll be glitchy.  I'm aware of this, it doesn't need to be reported.
3. If you don't get your account confirmation e-mail, check your spam folder.  My server WAS hacked to spam the world some years back, so it might be on a few obscure blacklists, but so far as I know all the big e-mails work.
4. All the user levelup costs have been reduced greatly... but they might stay reduced.  I'm using the levelup and karma system as a sort of "tutorial" so that the options in the editor don't overwhelm a new user.  Thus, you will have reduced options until you upload levels and get people voting for you, then you can levelup to expose more options.  IF this isn't progressing fast enough I'll tweak some things-- if you're a RwK power user, just drop me a message here and I'll grant you some Karma.
5. This download is a "portable" version.  This means, just unzip it anywhere, and run Hoggy2.exe.
6. You should probably go into settings and immediately set up your control preferences.  My default keys probably will etch at your soul.

I think that's all... here's the link:

Have fun, and I'm looking forward to your stuff.  If you have requests, let's try to keep them in a nice request thread.  Depending on the request, it might either go in immediately or in a first update.



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    when naming your level if youve remapped the keys to wasd then pressing s exits the text box and goes down to the buttons ha

    also the crazy blinking of the textbox is crazy, it doesnt seem to match up with the cursor thing.

    erase music is not affected by music volume setting

    pushing boxes left and right seems to work differently than in hoggy 1, you cant turn around immediately after pushing the box, it pulls you along with it. 

    does not save audio settings

    game crashed when i tried to publish. reproduce:

    be sure to not be signed into your account
    make a level
    itll ask you to sign in
    sign in

    random level show more button will add duplicates to the list, which isnt really a big deal especially when more levels get added

  • I only see few objects in the editor. Many are missing - the colored on/off switches, doors, ...
    Is that intentional?
  • XGL:

    also the crazy blinking of the textbox is crazy, it doesnt seem to match up with the cursor thing.
    That "big blinking" box is the keyboard/joystick cursor, for people who don't want to use a mouse.  I will provide a way to turn it off, that's more fine-tuning.

    BlueSkied-- Yes, as you level up (by getting up-votes), you get access to more items.  I'm trying to not overwhelm a new users with stuff.  However, if you want, I can grant you enough Karma to get to a certain point.  When there's thousands of users it will go up a lot faster.

    Thanks, I have all these on the fix list.  Good catch on the scroll keys/textbox, XGL... my keyboard mapping uses the numpad, so I never even saw it. :)

  •   Dear john,
    when will hoggy 2 be released for mac?

  • Hi everybody first post.

    Loving the editor so far but i feel that all items should be  available from the start as when there will be possible hundreds of levels on the mall new users levels might get lost among the many levels and take them to long to level up and may get disinterested and give up.

    also this may seem a silly question might how do i move around the sandbox for creating bigger levels, thanks.
  • Hi Ed,

    Use whatever you mapped for Hoggy movement (i.e. arrows or WASD or whatever).

    When the game is live, new levels will always appear in the new queue for people, so I think there won't be a problem.  However, I can control all that from the server, so if people are having trouble getting seen, I can adjust experience, visibility, etc, on the fly.

    I still want to keep it tutorial, BUT, you will also slowly accumulate Karma over time until you get all your tools, so even if you never get a vote, you'll unlock everything.  But people who upload levels that people like will get there a lot faster.

  • Im looking forward to an ios version. To me this is more of a game I'd play 1 level at a time like before class and stuff. Can't wait :D
  • Yeah, it'll be mobile.  But PC first because I can be very very very very very responsive to bugs on PC (like, turnaround in an hour's time) but on mobile it's always an ordeal.  So as soon as it seems clean, it'll go mobile.  I have to do a little bit of tweaking for smaller screens, that's all.
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