Monday Screenshot 4/1 (Not Solomon)

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As warned, I have to spend time on other commitments from my Time of Fighting Patent Trolls, and this is one of them.  This is a screenshot from Cubic Castles, a sort of social RPG+Building game.  Currently I am in charge of amping up the RPG elements of it, which right now includes developing and coding an introductory intro "story" to the game.  Right now the game just throws you in with a bunch of other players and sort of lets you fend for yourself.  I am in the process of adding a Zelda-like introduction that introduces you to the game elements while you complete a storied quest.  Though I say RPG, it's actually more like Robot Wants Kitty than Solomon.


  • Aww, that looks like Baymax :p

    I suppose this is a Minecraft-like game?
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    Well, it's not survival based... it's more about crafting, building, and trading-- it's a big world, a big MMO.  Though part of the changes I'm working on with the part I'm doing now is to add monsters.  Also, it's not first person-- the perspective is overhead, like older Zelda games, or even like Solomon for that matter.
  • It is a sandbox though. Gotta say I like the textures. They're simple and nice.
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