New Solomon game?

Ok, I know that Raptisoft doesnt like deadlines for good reasons but, now that Hoggy 2 beta is out(and probably at later stages of development) do you guys know what is his next priority?
I'd also like to know what the game will be like: will it be like a remake of solomon dark, keep, boneyard, or will it be something completely new? Will there be multiplayer and all that good stuff?
I am so excited!!


  • Okay, here's the plan:

    1. Finish Hoggy2 + Mobile versions
    2. Pell Mell on Solomon

    I've gone on hiatus on Cubic Castles to concentrate on this, so it'll be a full-time, no interruptions effort now.

    Your questions:

    1. Multiplayer?  Yes.
    2. What kind of game: Remake of Keep, but more better, with a Boneyard Mode
    3. What can I do to help?  Tweet, Gab, or Facebook Solomon stuff.  That crap energizes me. :)
  • That is very nice to hear!!
    I forgot to ask, will it be available to android? 
  • edited January 2017
    Yep-- it'll come out in this order:

    1. My site (PC & Mac)
    2. Steam (PC & Mac)
    3. Android or iOS, whichever one is less monstrous to port these days first
    4. Linux
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