Hoggy 2 - Beta 2

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Hi all,

Okay, not much to fix up... but here's Hoggy 2 Beta 2:

Unzip anywhere, and play.

Everyone who's already signed up, I've gone ahead and dropped 50 karma into your profiles so you can level up a bit.

Changes in this version:
1. Fixed a few bugs and glitches, nothing very major, mostly about inconvenience stuff.
2. The kid mode "full game" is available.  It'll still be tweaked, but it's live now for testing the general game.  Just pick PLAY
3. XGLSuperBounce... I wasn't able to duplicate your settings not saving problem.  I think it might be a windows 8-10 problem with permissions, since this build is a portable build.  And that won't be a problem in the final.

If nothing big turns up here, I'll also post the beta to Steam, which should attract some extra people in to fill out the online levels a bit more and get some interactions going there.

Barring any real problems, this will be the last beta before release too, which is coming up soon now!

Thanks again everyone... hope you enjoy!


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    Are there some sounds missing or is it just me. I could not hear them for getting a key, entering a jar, the spinning razors and hoggy in ice to name a few?

    Also the music dims sightly on jar 08 of kids mode when bouncing on the clouds.
  • Hm, no I am not missing any sounds... if you look in the sounds folder, is, for example, gotkey.wav there?
  • Ok yeh i've found them in the folder they are there, but can not here them when playing the game?
  • Strange!  Did it do that with the last beta?
  • yes it did on the 1st beta too
  • I just put hoggy 2 on my laptop and the sounds work fine, so must be something up with my pc but have no idea what?
  • I experienced a bug
    So I downloaded it on to a flash drive,
    Then played little bit. 
    Later played on laptop, never closed down the game
    I let the laptop go to sleep,
    later woke it up and exited out of the editor and resumed a kids mode game,
    this happened >
    (Pictures are pasting so)
    Looks like it wasn't getting the pictures for the pipes vases
  • Ed, I'll keep an eye out for that.

    Shadownight, thanks... fixed now.  If you go into the editor, then play the kid game, there was a glitch.  It doesn't hurt anything, just graphical.
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