Hoggy 2 - Beta 3 (FINAL)

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Hi all,

Hoggy 2 Beta 3 is here:

Same drill... unzip it anywhere, or copy it over your old version, it'll be nondestructive.  This fixes the glass glitch (thanks to ShadowKnight for finding that).  Unless new bugs show up, this is the final beta before launch.


P.S. Ed500, please let me know if you still are having sound problems with this build.  Thanks!


  • yep no problem, but i might not overwrite beta 2 beacuse that glass glitch is fun... :)
  • Hi just discovered a problem, when i deselect full screen the window box appears very small and i have no way to maximise the screen again.

    This is how it looks before full screen

    and this is after
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    On jar 19 if you go into the purple jar portal thing and then immediately try to go back it doesnt do anything youre just stuck

    Looks like it actually does it no matter what

    Edit: it actually does teleport you, the camera just doesn't follow, so if you press down again to come back through you will come out again
  • https://gyazo.com/b0c18cd9363858c78f110ffe980ce28d the jar im standing on has "Jar 255" in the top right
  • Im also not sure if this is a glitch or not but jar 25 seems to be impossible

    The pushable blocks don't fall if both sides are blocked. Most of the levels are beatable even with this problem, so I thought this was a feature instead of a bug. but this level makes me think its a bug.
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    https://gyazo.com/354a394a35705bc73d1bda5c65a0e830 this level seems impossible with this bug as well. Unless I am just being dumb.

    I have all 48 levels except those 2 completed
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    Hi John, yes the sound glitch is still there on this build too but only on my pc, also i had a few problems with the screen size on my laptop. Sometimes when it loads up the window is pushed right to the top of the screen and i can not see the title bar. Another time the title screen was pushed up high and the top half of the hoggy logo was missing and in the settings menu the exit button was out of reach so i could not exit and save settings.

    xglsuperbounce, hi i have completed all 50 levels and the boss level in kids mode, so they are all possible to complete. But that was in beta 2, have yet to play on beta 3.

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    Okay, I might run just one more beta.

    XGL: Jar 25 is being removed because it's too hard for kid mode-- yes that's not solvable now, but kid mode is going to change a lot (it's way, way, way too hard for kids).  Jar255 is solvable, tho.

    The screenshot on your second jar won't work for me... even if I correct for the "this" that got included in the link somehow.

    Screen Resizing: I'm aware, probably won't bother to fix it until the very end, though!  Ed, have you tried manually adjusting the resolution?  If you're on an older laptop or a weird video card, sometimes they won't allow fullscreen at certain sizes, so the game bumps it down to the next size it WILL allow.  But in settings you should be able to adjust it.

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